What ginger is good for and how to make ginger shots



Ginger has for centuries been a popular remedy for nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, and many other ailments.
Here is a simple recipe for ginger/Lemon shots to boost the body´s immune system and health. It is very easy to make, and in no time you have this nice and cheap “health-booster” in the fridge, and hopefully it can alleviate some of your daily complaints like bloated stomach, nausea or just a fresh lemon shot to wake up on.

About Ginger and why is ginger so good for your health

Several studies have shown anti-inflammatory effects of ginger.
If your body struggle with inflammation because of arthritis or other inflammatory ailment then this shot is absolutely perfect for you and combined with one of our CBD oils the inflammation in your body is gonna have a hard time!
Ginger is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, which are beneficial for all of us, even people without inflammation in the body.
Ginger are one of nature’s perfect roots, which can also relieve nausea, motion sickness, arthritis, rheumatism patients’ joint pain, and as I said earlier to help remove inflammation in the body.
Ginger also work against various forms of stomach discomfort such as pain and bloating. The bumpy root also promotes your digestion and makes sure that your stomach is working well.

Recipe for lemon and ginger shots

2 liters of water
200 grams of ginger
2 Organic lemons
2 tbsp. cane sugar or even better manuka honey. Read more about it here
What I used as you can see in the first picture is natural honey from Denmark.
3-4 cm turmeric which gives the beautiful color and is very healthy, it’s containing the substance curcumin.
Peel the ginger and cut into slices
Cut whole lemons into slices must. Therefore eco-lemons.
Water, ginger, lemon, (optional: Turmeric) and sugar/honey are boiled for 45 minutes.
Let it cool down and strain the content and then pour it in the bottle and place in the fridge.

Drink about 2-4 cl. A day

Can hold up to one month in the refrigerator in airtight bottle

It’s perfect to start the day with a shot of this healthy drink!
GingerIn 100 grams, ground dried ginger (10% water) provides numerous essential nutrients in high content, particularly the dietary mineral manganese as a multiple of its Daily Value (DV, table). In a typical spice serving amount of one US tablespoon or 5 g, however, ginger powder provides negligible content of essential nutrients, with the exception of manganese present as 79% of DV (USDA database).

Due to its higher content of water (80%), raw ginger root has lower overall nutrient content when expressed per 100 grams (table).

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  1. Bente Zaar Nielsen 5 years ago


    En rigtig god booster er også:
    500 gram ingefær
    200 gram gurkemejerod
    500 gram økologisk honning
    Ingefær og gurkemejerod skrælles og hakkes meget fint. Kommes i honningen, (som bliver tynd)

    Tag en spiseskefuld 1-3 gange om dagen

  2. Bente Zaar Nielsen 5 years ago


    En booster mere:
    4 kilo ingefær vaskes og skæres i skiver (med skræl)
    5 liter vand
    15 citroner
    500 gram økologisk honning

    Kog vand, ingefær og citroner i 6 timer.
    Honning kommes i.
    Trækker i 24 timer
    Sies og kommes på flasker, som fryses.

    Tag 4 cl. hver morgen på fastende hjerte

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