Quality Control of our CBD products

At CBDforME our main concern is the quality of the products we make. Our CBD Oil is one of the highest quality CBD oils available today. Our organic oils go through a special process of quality control, and only the finest ingredients and latest scientific methods are good enough! We don’t compromise on quality no matter what!
You can be sure that CBDforME CBD Oil meets strict requirements to the cannabinoid content, it contains no GMO (genetically modified organisms), and when the hemp are produced no pesticides, herbicides or any chemical fertilisers are being used, and the hemp contains no dangerous contaminants. What you get is very simple: pure organic CBD Oil that’s 100% safe!

CBDforME CBD Oil is produced from the best organic grown hemp available in Europe, and only the highest standards are accepted! It guarantees that the hemp, and the oil, is 100% natural just like Mother Nature intended it to be.

What we Guarantee

  • No chemicals or pesticides are ever used when growing the hemp for our products.
  • Only organic growing methods are used for our hemp, so no chemicals, growth hormones or GMO are ever used.
  • CBDforME CBD Oil will never contain any harmful contaminants.
  • CBDforME CBD Oil undergoes cannabinoid testing (HPLC and GC)
  • You will always receive the highest quality of CBD on the market!


If you wanna read more about the different types of tests go to http://www.fundacion-canna.es/en/cannabinoids-test

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