CBD and its medical uses

  1. Rod 5 years ago

    Where can I find appropriate dosage schedules of CBD for metastatic camcer, please?

    • Kristoffer Sørensen 5 years ago

      Hello Rod

      For Cancer normally the dosage will be from 100mg-700mg of CBD its really individual and you have to try it out yourself i would start in the lower end and work my self up to the high dosage and if possible also supplement with a complete mineral supplement. Skip all refined sugar,milk,red meat and eat a raw vegetable diet with alot of vegetable juice. Its good the change the pH value in the body to a more alkaline environment since cancer doesnt like that.

  2. Brenda 4 years ago

    Would CBD be effective for chronic pleuracy caused by Lupus?

    • Author
      Kristoffer Sørensen 4 years ago

      I would give it a try at around 50mgs a day give it around 2 weeks and make adjustments to get the right dosage

      Anything else just let me know

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