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CBDforME was established in the spring of 2015. We offer the best quality CBD oil in Europe, and we are proud of it. Our products are safe, clean and our main goal is to keep offering the highest possible quality.

Our oil is made from the best organic industrial hemp grown in Europe. We buy only the best plant material, grown by environmentally responsible farmers, who love the health benefits of this plant just as much as we do.
We test all materials and oil for toxic solvents, heavy metals and other contaminants. Our products are regularly tested on a lab with HPLC tests. We have put a lot of work into our business, to make sure that CBDforME CBD oil is the best available products on the European market to date. And we intend to keep that position.


We want to promote health, encourage you to take care of yourself in the most natural possible way, and hope that our products will be found in every home in Europe. We believe that true health is in prevention, and that CBD oil is one of the best supplements to help keep you strong and healthy!


We want to spread awareness on the many benefits that hemp plants provide us. They are highly environmentally friendly, have a wide variety of use in everything from paper to clothes, insulation and even as a strong building material.


Last but not least; edible hemp products are probably some of the healthiest superfoods available to man.

We hope you will enjoy the many health benefits CBD oil can bring to you.


To all of you

From all of us at CBDforME

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