6 Things you might want to know about CBD

6 Things about CBD

Disclaimer: This article has been brought to you for educational and informative purposes only. CBDforme.eu does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We always recommend that you do your own research, and if you feel ill in any way, always consult with your doctor.
Did you know that, contrary to popular opinions, there exist loads of scientific literatures outlining different health benefits of CBD? Much of the evidence is still based on animal trials – but hey! That’s how insulin started…..
This article will present you with a few of the most amazing scientific discoveries concerning CBD.

First of all – what is CBD oil?

Cannabis is a plant, and like all other plants, cannabis contains many different natural chemicals. What is interesting about cannabis is that it probably is the singlemost healthiest plant to consume (authors’ opinion). The only problem is that one of the chemicals contained in the plant makes you “high”, or intoxicated. This happens because of the THC contained in the plant.

CBD (or cannabidiol) on the other hand does not make you high. And furthermore evidence suggests that CBD might be the most powerful health boosting ingredient in the cannabis plant. Science, do, however not know everything about the plant. Not yet at least.

So why would you want to consume CBD oil? Here are a few examples taken from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22625422)

1# – CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Many diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, fybromyalgia etc., start out as an inflammatory condition. Left alone this state of dis-ease can damage your body over time, and can lead to various diseases. When you get a cold, you might also experience acute inflammation in the form of a fever, as your body’s own defenses start combatting the flu.

Inflammation CAN be good, but you are not supposed to be inflamed all the time. Inflammation compromises your immune function i.e. making your body vulnerable towards disease. If this kind of information interests you, I can recommend that you spend a few hours on google learning about inflammation.

It is safe to say that you want your inflammation levels to be as low as possible.

2# – CBD is BOTH an anxiolytic and an anti-depressant!

Being anxiolytic means that CBD has anti-anxiety properties, and on top of it – it’s also an antidepressant.

3# – CBD is anti-tumoral/anti-cancer i.e. kills cancer cells (Remember, this is from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology)


4# – CBD is a powerful anti-oxidant.

By now, most of us are aware that we need to eat healthy foods, to nourish our body so that it can take care of its business (immune function, waste elimination, digestion etc.). The cannabis plant contain loads of antioxidant, some of which have shown to combat neurodegenerative disorders.

5# – CBD is anticonvulsant

People who suffer from seizures know how frightening an attack can be – but far from all these people know that CBD has been proven to fight/relieve seizures.

6# – CBD is antiemetic

It’s not uncommon to suffer from nausea during a chemo treatment, so it’s good to know that relief might be found in CBD. The people who are fighting the very hardest to get cannabis approved for medical use is often people who have seen their relatives battle the cancer. Cannabis has been shown again and again to improve the overall quality of life in terminal cancer patients.

This article could go on and on – cannabis is hot stuff in the medical community, as it seems to be a promising agent for the treatment of a whole myriad of diseases.

But this article was intended to highlight some of the health benefits of CBD. It is much easier to stay healthy, than it is to restore health if the “damage” have happened. A lot of the discussion about CBD centers in on disease, but maybe it is time to start focusing on the health benefits?

The overall goal is to stay healthy – not to fight diseases. Right?

What do you do, that makes you healthier?

What do you do, that might have the opposite effect?

Think about it, and ask yourself one of the most important questions in life:

“How do I WANT my health to be?”

The first step towards a healthy, happy lifestyle is accepting your current situation, identifying your desired situation (or pherhaps appearence), and then making a detailed plan for the process. For advice on how to keep yourself motivated, and how to reach your goals, stay tuned for the next article which will focus on just that.
Have a healty, happy day!
Best regards from Jonas and of course all of us at CBDforme.eu

About the author: Jonas is a certified nutritionist, public speaker, independent health researcher, yoga teacher, business developer and entrepreneur. Prior to that he lost 90 pounds, got In the shape of my life – and most importantly, refund his joy for life. “Actually I don’t think health, vegetables and so on is the most interesting stuff I can think of. However, I feel better, more energetic and creativity when I take care of my body. Health is not a true passion for me. It is a tool through which I feel more present in life. The better I take care of my body, the more fully I can experience life, love, loss and all the other things. (..and of course my businesses run smoother.)” In the following months I will be writing a series of articles about how you can take care of your body. If you would like to turn your life around, and learn how to be healthy – this is the place.

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